075. “Let’s GYM: Green Your Mind” – Training Course

075. “Let’s GYM: Green Your Mind” – Training Course

NR.: 075

DATA: 30.12.2022

TITOLO PROGETTO: “Let’s GYM: Green Your Mind”


TIPOLOGIA: Training Course

ARGOMENTO: Training course to learn, share and understand about the keys of gender in the impact of climate change.



Activity date: 4-10 April 2023.
Venue place, venue country: Ligoure, France.
Summary: Training course to learn, share and understand about the keys of gender in the impact of climate change.
Group size: 18 participants.
For participants from: Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Palestine, Romania, Slovenia, Spain.
Target group: Youth workers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers, Volunteers.
Gender inequality is widely recognized as a central aspect of development and one of the fundamental requirements for achieving sustainable development and achieving the SDGs. That women lead the statistics on poverty rates and their position of social exclusion makes them more vulnerable to natural disasters and ecological devastation, and this is not a “natural” fact. It affects national economies and people’s lives, and it costs communities and countries a lot today and even more tomorrow. The main activity is a training course for 18 volunteers, workers and youth workers, teachers, and people willing to act and already acting as leaders of peer groups and / or youth groups, with some experience in the subject or people with a strong interest to learn about the keys of gender in the impact of climate change, willing to be engines of change (perhaps not yet involved in NGOs, or social movements, etc.) over 18 years from Spain, Slovenia, Greece, France, Romania, Italy, Palestine and Egypt. The activities will be carried out in english, a fluent level of communication in this language is expected, though translation can be provided since language shouldn´t be a barrier towards inclusion and participation.
Participation fee
No participation fee.
Accommodation and food
Acoording to the project principles, most of the menu will be based on vegetarian food. In case you may need any other type of meal, just let us know. The accomodation will be organised in Chateau du Ligoure (Limousin department, France). See the infopack for more details on it.
Travel reimbursement
Palestine & Egypt: 530€ (*Visa costs covered for Egypt & Palestine); Romania, Slovenia, Italy & Spain: 320€ (Green Travel Support); France: 210€ (Green travel Support); Greece: 410€ (Green travel Support). The Erasmus+ programme offers Green Travel Support for people travelling to Ligoure destination using sustainable modes of transport. Examples of sustainable means of transport are: cycling, carpooling, the bus or the train. Keep your travel tickets and invoices safe. You will need these to be eligible for Green Travel Support otherwise, you will get the standard amount set by distance calculator). Reimbursement will be done by bank transfer upon the presentation of the invoices & travel documents 1 month after the finalization of the follow up activities. To reimburse expenses it is mandatory to attend the 100% training course.
Working language: English.

SCADENZA: 1 February 2023.