051. “Training for Trainers” – Training Course

051. “Training for Trainers” – Training Course

NR.: 051

DATA: 15.05.2019

TITOLO PROGETTO: “Training for Trainers”

RICHIESTA PROVENIENTE DA: Marko Vlaming (Paesi Bassi)

TIPOLOGIA: Training Course

ARGOMENTO: Training for Trainers is a international course for trainers experienced in the youth field and it’s built upon 4 elements: provocative training, unique method of training design, somatic aspects of traineeship and contextual learning.


Activity date: 23rd – 29th August 2019.
Venue place, venue country: Olde Vechte Foundation, Ommen, Netherlands.
Summary: Training for Trainers is a 7-day international course for trainers experienced in the youth field and it’s built upon 4 elements: provocative training, unique method of training design, somatic aspects of trainership and contextual learning.
Target group: Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth coaches.
Accessibility info: This activity and venue place are accessible to people with disabilities.
For participants from: Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries.
Group size: 24 participants.
Training for Trainers is a 7-day training course organized by Olde Vechte Foundation, a training center with a long history in non-formal education, coaching, personal development, social and cultural work since 1966.
WATCH OUT! The training is for experienced trainers in the youth field, it is designed for those who already are experienced in working with groups of young people, have their training method and understand the process of creating and delivering trainings.
We offer spots for 24 participants. This group size allows a close work with the main trainers and a small team of international assistant trainers. The training aims to challenge the current working methods of the participant and to provide answers to the following questions: Who am I as a trainer/youth worker? What are my unique qualities? In which direction do I want to develop my method?
The 4 training elements
Provocative training With love, humour and challenge, we offer a setting where you can go beyond your regular practice and see how you can shape your own distinctive training method.
Unique method for training design Discover ways to develop and facilitate a training on many subjects based on your own structured method. This will speed up your behaviour change as a trainer and will explore how ready you are to drop your training plan and to create a dynamic and engaging program for young people on the spot.
Somatic aspects on traineeship Every part of the training is infused with embodied and vocal exercises so you explore and develop an effective embodied and vocal training behaviour.
Contextual learning A context is created by multiple elements and it directs the meaning and the outcome of the training. By guiding the context, you will be able to create and use intentionally the elements of your training in order to move towards your goals. Therefore your role is to stimulate.
What will you gain as a participant
Master somatic aspects in traineeship

Master all somatic aspects of your performance (gestures, facial expressions, voice, pauses, breathing, muscle tone, posture, positioning and state management)
Deliver a personalized training
• Learn to recognize trainable critical behavioural points;
• Be able to deliver a training on any topic;
• Be able to adjust the learning experience to your target group;
• Be able to create personalized checklists for different procedures.
Be content in front of the group
• Know what is needed to present and introduce your training;
• Practice working with a group,
• Practice new ways of observing the group and collecting information from the group.
Design a training on different topics and target groups
• Develop your own training approach;
• Create a training through our 12 step phase model;
• Successfully detect your target group’s problem and offer a solution;
• Understand how to build up activities in a programme;
• Learn how to effectively give instructions;
• Learn how to smoothly reflect after an activity;
• Learn how to lure participants into learning and didactically go from one topic to another;
• Together with other participants, create relevant training material and common resources online.
Create the role and method of a trainer
Develop your own training approach (do you ask instead of giving answers, are you distant or are you close to the group, etc.).
Create and manage context
Use and develop context to shape a desirable training outcome.
Participation fee
€375 General participation fee; €475 Participation fee for people living in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Discount 15% – if you have done an Event Wise or Practicing Coaching training
Accommodation and food
Olde Vechte offers an elegant all-inclusive training experience. The participation fee includes accommodation and food expenses at the site of the training. It also covers all necessary materials and relevant training material.
Travel reimbursement
The participants take care of their own travel expenses. There is no reimbursement for this training.
Working language: English.

SCADENZA: 16th July 2019.