Call for trainers: Let’s Gamify – Nomadways – Deadline 10.02.2018, midnight in CET

Call for trainers: Let’s Gamify – Nomadways – Deadline 10.02.2018, midnight in CET

Call for Trainers: “Let’s Gamify”

Nomadways is looking for 1

Application deadline: 10.02.2018, midnight in CET.


“Let’s Gamify” would like to invite 24 educators, youth workers, artists, gamers, game designers – artivists to explore the gamification process for social change and create educative games.

Games are amazing! They are part of our lives, every day, without even realizing it! It was proven that by games, everyone learns much faster, easier and enjoyable. This is why for 2 weeks we will explore the gamification process together with 24 artists, educators, gamers from France, Italy, Poland and Bulgaria.

About the project:

Gamification is the process of using game mechanics and game thinking in non-gaming contexts to engage users and to solve problems. Another way to explain it is that gamification consists on making daily tasks more enjoyable by introducing gaming elements. In nowadays generation gamification can become an useful tactic to encourage specific attitudes, and increase motivation and engagement. Though commonly found in marketing strategies, it is now started being implemented in some educational programs as well, facilitating learning experience and influencing behaviours of gamers. If structured well, a gamification system utilises the psychic drivers that people want to experience, creating novel ways of forming and extending relationships and encouraging long-term engagement and loyalty. That is to say, a successful system leverages natural human instinct to form a community, to achieve and to feel recognised and rewarded in our daily lives.

“Let’s GAMIFY” will be focused on developing specific competencies in designing educational games for youth workers, facilitators, educators and trainers, on topics related to social exclusion and global challenges who believe games are an efficient tool to increase the awareness, information and education level among young people at risk.

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Requested trainer profile

Our perfect trainer:
• Has knowledge of the Erasmus+ programme, remote work and digital tools.
• Has ability to give a theoretical input in such fields as gamification, game design, group dynamics & motivation, intercultural learning.
• Has very good level of both spoken and written English language.
• Is familiar with educational approaches relevant in the non-formal learning.
• Is able to draw for their work as a trainer from a variety of formal, informal and non-formal learning experiences.

The tasks include the following:
• Active participation in the preparatory online meetings;
• Be ready to prepare and conduct theoretical part of the training in the field of game design and gamification
• Be ready to take part in the preparation 1-2 days before the arrival of participants
• Implementation of the training for about 24 participants;
• Evaluation of the training;
• Writing up electronically all new methods and tools used during the training onto the final booklet.

Working conditions

Financial conditions:
Taking into consideration the regular nature of the training course the trainer will be paid a fixed rate of 2000,00 EUR. In addition, travel, board and lodging of will be covered from event itself. The amount will be paid upon compilation of the work.

Accommodation and food are covered by Nomadways. There is a travel reimbursement as well.

TC Duration: 14 days + 2-3 days of preparation and evaluation.

TC Place: Homade (Brivezac, France).

Workshop preparations and evaluation:
• The trainer works remotely with Nomadways team on the TC programme design and implementation after being selected.
• The trainer is expected to arrive 1-2 days before the training and to leave a day after it (to prepare and evaluate the TC).

Team composition
Nomadways team will work closely with the trainer on the TC preparation, implementation and follow up.
• Karolina Ufa – TC coordinator.
• Alexandra Nikolova – communication and logistics.

Application & selection procedure

Apply no later than: 10.02.2018, midnight in CET.

How to apply:
Apply by filling this form:

You will be informed about the selection by: 15.02.2018.

For more information
Karolina Ufa, Coordinator
Phone: 00 48 574 184 867