EVENTO ONLINE: Seize the Summer with EURES 2023_9 marzo, h.10:30-16:30

EVENTO ONLINE: Seize the Summer with EURES 2023_9 marzo, h.10:30-16:30

Vi segnaliamo la sesta edizione di Seize the Summer with EURES, il più grande evento di reclutamento del personale nel settore del turismo, organizzato da Eures, la rete di cooperazione europea dei servizi per l’impiego.

L’appuntamento virtuale è previsto il 9 marzo ed è rivolto alle cittadine e ai cittadini, provenienti da tutti gli Stati membri dell’UE/SEE/Svizzera, in cerca di occupazione per la prossima stagione estiva.

This has been the organization of 9 Southern Europe / “Mediterranean” countries – CroatiaSloveniaSpainPortugalItalyFranceGreeceMalta and Cyprus – in an incoming perspective.

We aim to meet our employers’ recruitment needs for the Summer season within Tourism, Entertainment, Hospitality and Catering.

At the moment, we’re having:

  • 163 companies confirmed;
  • ca. 340 jobs & traineeship opportunities with nearly 4000 vacant positions (and counting… up until the event day, as we know from experience);
  • an interesting Programme to follow on the day;
  • a Team waiting for jobseekers to join.

We would like to reach out to as many European countries & jobseekers as possible.

So we do invite you to promote this event in your countries by all means available (within what you consider reasonable, of course):

  • either by sharing already existing posts on Social Media;
  • or by making your own posts, with materials provided by us;
  • by disseminating it to professional Tourism & Hotel schools and vocational training centres, if any – as well as other stakeholders you may consider interesting in your case (e.g. Language Schools);
  • by sending mailings to some of your potentially interested jobseekers (we can send you the relevant ISCO codes if needed);
  • by printing a couple of posters and granting them some visibility (unfortunately we only have strong color posters… so limited printing, of course).

More information are available at the following link.