072. “Eye Opener for NEET organisations” – Training course

072. “Eye Opener for NEET organisations” – Training course

NR.: 072

DATA: 12.12.2022

TITOLO PROGETTO: Eye Opener for NEET organisations

RICHIESTA PROVENIENTE DA: Yannick De Schaepmeester (Belgio)

TIPOLOGIA: Training course

ARGOMENTO: This training course is for youth workers to participate together with 1 or 2 young people from their organisation. You will learn all the basics to organize and apply for a grant for youth exchanges in Erasmus+.



Activity date: 21-26 February 2023
Venue place, venue country: Brussels, Belgium – FL
Summary: The fact that young people can take part in the training gives a whole new dynamic to the process. Young people get first-hand knowledge on project building and the cooperation between youth leaders and young people gets better. Some tasks are done in national groups, some in young people/youth leader groups and results are compared. The training shows evidence of young people’s competences in project planning on their own. This training course focusses specifically on organisations working with young people in NEET situations. (This training course is for youthworkers to participate together with 1 or 2 young people of their organisation.)
Group size: 40 participants.
For participants from: Erasmus+ Youth Programme countries. This training course is organised in collaboration with the NEET strand of Strategic Partnership for Inclusion and therefore we will give priority for participants who are coming from countries that belong to the SPI NEET. These countries are: Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Belgium (Flanders-region), Portugal, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Romania and Denmark. Applicants from other Programme countries can still apply, but the priority will be given to applicants who reside in one of the countries listed above.
Target group: Youth workers, Youth leaders, Youngsters. Max 40 participants:
1 ADULT LEADER (over 18 years old) who deals directly with the young people in NEET situation and is committed to engaging in the future development of a youth exchange in partnership with the young persons.
1 TO 2 YOUNG PEOPLE in NEET situation: between 15-18 years old. Both youth workers and young people will be expected to communicate in English.
Accessibility info:
This activity and venue place are accessible to people with disabilities.

• to provide information on Erasmus+ youth exchanges;
• to provide a group learning experience in the process of setting up a youth exchange project;
• to develop basic skills, knowl,edge and attitudes to organise a youth exchange;
• to understand non-formal learning and young people’s participation in learning;
• to explore the role of a group leader in young people’s learning process;
• to enhance the active participation of young people in the planning of youth exchanges;
• to offer the opportunity to meet possible partner groups and to make contacts in other countries;
• to promote equal-footed partnerships among young people and organisations.
This training is a learning-by-doing experience, built on a simulation exercise which is interspersed with workshops, info sessions, activities to improve the group dynamics and ends with an evaluation. Two online moments will be organised, one prior to the training course and one after the training course.
Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:
Participation fee: This project is financed by the participating National Agencies (NAs) of the Erasmus+ Programme. The participation fee varies from country to country. Please contact your National Agency or SALTO Resource Centre (SALTO) to learn more about the participation fee for participants from your country.
Accommodation and food: Unless specified otherwise, the hosting NA or SALTO of this offer will organise the accommodation and covers the costs for accommodation and food.
Travel reimbursement: Please contact your NA or SALTO in order to know whether they would support your travel costs. If yes, after being selected, get in touch with your NA or SALTO again to learn more about the overall procedure to arrange the booking of your travel tickets and the reimbursement of your travel expenses.
Working language: English.

SCADENZA: 13 January 2023.