067. “Inclusion for Empowerment” – Training Course

067. “Inclusion for Empowerment” – Training Course

NR.: 067

DATA: 30.11.2022

TITOLO PROGETTO: Inclusion for Empowerment


TIPOLOGIA: Training course

ARGOMENTO: A two stage Erasmus+ project that aims at creating a active, empathic and truly inclusive society. The focus of the both stages of the project is to involve youth workers with special needs – visual impairments, especially the newcomers to youth work.



Activity date: 9-16 January 2023.
Venue place, venue country:
Slavíkov, Czech Republic.
The project aims at creating a more active, empathic and truly inclusive society by using methods of personal development, outdoors education and inclusive learning. A strong focus in the project is set on making all the participants become aware of their own leadership potential in implementing activities in mixed ability group setting. In particular the project aims to assist youth with visual impairments to gain the necessary self-trust to become more independent, expressive and active members of society and to take on leadership roles also in mixed ability group environments.
Group size: 36 participants.
For participants from:
Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Georgia, Italy, Latvia.
Target group: Youth workers, Youth leaders, Youth coaches, Youth workers, young people, people with visual imparments.
Accessibility info:
This activity and venue place are accessible to people with disabilities.
Project also aims to equip the youth workers with no or limited previous experience of inclusive youth work with the necessary skills and awareness to become better support system for youth with visual impairments in their local communities. Through experience sharing, working on participants’ own inner challenges and planning and executing activities in a group setting, we aim to help the participants gain a positive experience of international youth projects and the confidence to become multipliers in promotion of inclusive learning. Youth workers that would like to become more involved in the work with this target group will have an opportunity to develop their skills and this project can provide a stepping stone to become more emphatic, supportive and sensitive youth workers, to better assess the needs of the youth with visual impairment, how to provide support in a manner that is not overbearing, and learn how to implement inclusive learning activities planned together with the young people with visual impairments.
Participation fee none
: Accommodation and food Programme, food and accommodation is covered by the program Erasmus+.
Travel reimbursement:
Travel reimbursement will be sent after the project via bank transfer. Czech Republic: 150,00 EUR. Georgia: 330,00 EUR. Italy: 245,00 EUR. Azerbaijan: 330,00 EUR. Latvia: 245,00 EUR. 30 EUR will be used for the local transportation in the Czech Republic.
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SCADENZA: 20 December 2022.