038. “NarrAction” – Training Course

038. “NarrAction” – Training Course

NR.: 038

DATA: 03.08.2021



TIPOLOGIA: Training Course

ARGOMENTO: A training for youth workers and creatives wishing to learn about multimedia storytelling.



Activity date: 25th October – 9th November 2021.
Venue place, venue country: France.
A training for youth workers and creatives wishing to learn about multimedia storytelling, experience the power of creating personal narratives whilst “going digital” and tell stories creatively to engage youth in intersectional learning & inclusion.
Group size: 30 participants.
For participants from: Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal.
Target group: Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers, Youth policy makers, Volunteering mentors, Youth coaches, Youth researchers.
You have a graphic novel, a documentary, a fiction web serie or a story in a corner of your head that you would like to develop and share? Let’s work on it together!
Narraction summary
From August 21st to September 3rd 2021, NarrAction will invite 30 youth workers and creatives from France, Portugal, Bulgaria, Italy and Germany to explore the potential of multimedia storytelling by working on personal projects and digital objects as a tool for personal development, mutual understanding, inclusion and active participation.
Who are we looking for?
You work as facilitator, trainer, educator, youth worker, NGO manager, teacher, social worker, visual artist, writer, movie maker or another creative job? There is a story that you would like to share, through illustration, documentary film, audiovisual journalism, photography, graphic novel, fiction movie…? And you need space, time and support to work on it? You would like to expand your toolbox, bring more creativity and innovation to your work, your are interested in developing new educative artistic methods? NarrAction is for you then! We are looking for diverse participants profile to foster co-learning and enrich everyone’s projects with the expertise and perspectice of others, to help you develop a mesmerizing multimedia story!
• Day 1 | Who is who?
• Day 2 | Team(s) storybuilding
• Day 3 | Our projects and synergies
• Day 4-5-6 | Storytelling workshops & work on personal projects
• Day 7 | Free day
• Day 8-9-10-11 | Multimedia workshops & work on personal projects
• Day 12-13 | Using multimedia storytelling in socio-pedagogical settings
• Day 14 | Evaluation & celebration
Learning methods
Our methodology is based on experiential learning, interdisciplinary exchange, outdoor education and non-formal education principles. Participants will learn through testing designed methods and reflecting upon the experience. Using participatory approach we encourage the exchange of experience between the participants and with the local community, fostering peer learning.
Participation fee
On donation.
Accommodation and food
NarrAction is a project financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, thus all the activities, accommodation and food are 100% covered by the EU grant.
Travel reimbursement
The travel costs will be reimbursed to participants after the course up to a maximum of 275 euros per person.
Working language: English.

SCADENZA: 19th September 2021.